March 1, 2018

Humans love storytelling, religion, mythologies, festivals, all a part of our own creation, giving meaning to things around us. As we say goodbye to winters, flowers begin to bloom and we are ready to welcome the spring season. In India the festival of holi marks the o...

January 20, 2018

It was 3 in the dead of the night, as I pulled down the window of my taxi the wind caressed my skin, the scent of the city was welcoming. As I arrived to Bui vien street everything was lit up, backpackers and locals were on the streets, clubs playing trashy techno, ven...

December 17, 2017

Understanding a culture through its food is one of the best ways to explore parts unknown. Food reflects the country's history, its climate and other cultural nuances. I am not a food critic or a food writer but heck I love food, appreciating new flavors, textures and...

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