Hi! Thank you for visiting my website :)


I am an India based artist who has spent over a decade working the 9 to 5 rut, from marketing agencies to design studios and corporate branding, before realizing that my true calling is making art.


People, culture and most of all, nature inspires me to ‘create’ - whether it is photography, illustrations or watercolor painting, I enjoy exploring different mediums to express myself and do not like to restrict myself to one format. I like to play with nostalgia. Making detailed pen illustrations though, makes me truly happy, there is something extremely zen about it!


I am excited to build an evolving space where both my photography and art can come together. A place where you can view my work, read my stories or potentially collaborate.


Take a look around, see what you like, share your views if something interests you or tell me you want to create something together. Let’s start a dialogue!




a n k i c l i c k s 

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